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Sheltowee Extreme 7 - July 18, 2015
The SXT returns to Laurel River Lake for 2015! This recreation area offers a great mix of mountain biking, flatwater paddling, swimming, and trekking over the scenic and rugged terrain you've come to expect from the Daniel Boone National Forest! Click here for more details. 

USARA Adventure Race National Championship at Pine Mountain State Resort Park - October 1 - 3, 2015
Flying Squirrel Adventures is excited to be bringing the USARA Adventure Race National Championship back to Kentucky!  The 2015 championship race will be headquartered out of Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Bell County, Kentucky.  It is one of many national championship races comprising the 2015 Kentucky Adventure Games.

Bell County lies on one side of the famed Cumberland Gap, a narrow opening within the Cumberland Mountains, a long ridge within the Appalachian Mountains, near the junction of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.  This gap was a key passageway through the mountains and an integral part of the Wilderness Road.  Middlesboro is the town built on the Kentucky side of the gap, entirely within a 3.7-mile diameter crater left by a meteorite impact.  Pine Mountain and the town of Pineville lie just north of there.  The Cumberland River cuts through the mountain at a location known as "The Narrows," the second gap native Americans and pioneers had to pass through traveling west into Kentucky.  Racers biking, trekking and paddling through the rugged and steep terrain of this region will surely be in awe at the adventurers who came before them.  To read more about the region, visit the Bell County Tourism website
Volunteers & Spectators

At Flying Squirrel Adventures, we understand that volunteers, friends and family make it possible for us to play in the woods, and we want to show our gratitude.  Volunteers who sign up before the race registration deadline will receive a free volunteer shirt, post-race meal, group lodging, and our undying gratitude.  Please e-mail us at least two weeks prior to race day so we can be sure to reserve a bed for you and include you in our shirt and meal count.  Thanks!

Spectators will receive a packet with maps and directions to local areas of interest, including transition areas; brochures and coupons from area tourism associations; and a schedule of events.  There's no reason to leave the family at home on your next Flying Squirrel Adventure! 
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Sheltowee Extreme 7
12-hour USARA Regional Qualifier

2015 USARA Adventure Race National Championship at Pine Mountain State Resort Park, Bell County, Kentucky

All Flying Squirrel Adventures are USARA sanctioned

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