Its historical rather than current

Its historical rather than current, but one of my all time favourite innovative posts was a “Toilet Development Volunteer”. Caught everyone’s eye with immediate indignation at the very idea, but then the description was a short-term, outcome-focused role, do-able from home, to research needs and costs and fundraise for new accessible toilets. So memorable that I still use it as an example when training groups on marketing their volunteer opportunities!

Also in recent work with museums, I developed a model with Brent and Croydon museums for “Volunteer Leaders”. This was very specifically designed not to tread on the toes of the museum’s paid staff (even during a time of redundancies), but gave people an opportunitiy to take on a mentoring-style responsibility, giving them specific training on mentoring/volunteer support skills, a customised train-the-trainer course and opportunities to explore and practice the leadership role.

It was really popular (we selected the group to go on the training for the role through a formal competitive application process), gave great transferable skills to the volunteers undertaking it, and produced all sorts of surprise side-benefits, such as the leaders sorting out new communication systems for all the other volunters. Do feel free to contact me for more info if useful.

Short-term assignments for tech volunteers – – These one-time, short-term assignments relate to computers, the Internet, or related hardware or software. Each might takes a few days, a couple of weeks or maybe a month to complete. But each has a definite start date and end date, shouldn’t go on longer than a month (maybe two) and do not require a volunteer to make an ongoing commitment to the organization – once an assignment is done, the volunteer can move on to another assignment, or stop volunteering with the organization altogether.

Social media manager – the person responsible for Facebook postings, for Tweeting, etc.

Online forum manager – the person responsible for your online discussion group for volunteers

Online photo archive manager – the person responsible for your organization’s profile on Flickr or other photo sharing site, who solicits photos from volunteers and other supporters that they take during service or events, who makes sure photos are tagged properly so staff can find what they need, etc.