Volunteering in infrastructure organizations

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering please if anyone had good experiences of setting up volunteering programs in infrastructure organizations and what kind of roles they have developed?

I manage a very small organization – a council for voluntary youth service which provides support to about 80 youth organizations and we are thinking up ways to capacity build our services by engaging volunteers. Have you done this and can you give me any good advice/sample role descriptions?

Thanks ever so much.

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In my previous role as Strategic Volunteering Manager at Voluntary Action Sheffield, I set up a Volunteering Ambassadors Scheme. It was essentially a scheme whereby experienced volunteers from different organizations across the city came together to promote the benefits of volunteering at events across the city. You can see some info about it here: https://sheffieldqualitytime.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/sheffield-volunteering-ambassadors/ and a link to a short promo video about volunteering that the Ambasssadors produced: http://www.vas.org.uk/news/361

My advice is simple really, and the same as for any kind of volunteering program: plan it carefully! It was quite time consuming researching the various events that Ambassadors could attend (eg employment fairs, summer fetes etc) and then arranging attendance etc. However that in itself could be a volunteer role too.

Good luck!